The Data Group Email Solutions

Get a full picture of each inbound email with our email lookup solutions

When someone provides their email address, our email lookup solution will provide you with instant, detailed information about that individual.

  • Name
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Demographics

Our email lookup process utilizes over 1 Billion email addresses, and we can accept and email address in standard or a hashed email (MD5 or SHA1) format.

Get accurate email information instantly email verify and append

The foundation of any email marketing campaign is making sure that your email addresses are valid, and that inactive or invalid emails are removed from your database.Proper data hygiene will help to improve the overall deliverability of your marketing campaign. That’s because you are assigned a reputation score based on the number of valid or undeliverable email addresses in your campaign.Your ISP is always on the lookout for email spammers, so they will look at your score, as an input to determine whether the email should go to the recipient’s inbox. Maintaining a clean list has a direct impact on the success of your campaigns.

Our email verification services provide:

  • Email Correction: Misspellings and typos are caught and corrected with our inference engine.
  • Syntax Checker: Invalid email formats are identified and corrected where possible.
  • Spam Suppression: Keeps known spam traps, honeypot addresses and complainers off of your list.
  • Simple Result Codes: Provides easy to understand codes that categorizes email validation results.

This will improve campaign performance, reduce the likelihood of being blacklisted, and give you an accurate idea of your potential universe of email recipients for your next campaign.

Our email append services will help you to complete the picture of your customer by matching your record to our nationwide opt-in email file, providing an up-to-date email address and additional information. This database contains over 1 billion email addresses with detailed validation processes to ensure only the highest quality, most accurate data.

Our database is validated and updated on an ongoing, updated basis, to ensure all addresses appended are as accurate as possible.

Other types of information that we can append to emails include:

  • Proprietary matching algorithms and lookalike audiences, allowing you to extend your reach
  • Postal address (geolocation)
  • Demographic information
  • Phone Numbers

All of this information can help you to better segment your audience, and provide more targeted, relevant email messaging.

As part of the Email Append process, The Data Group offers proprietary matching algorithms, which provide maximum flexibility in determining individual and household match levels. This flexibility allows you to narrow or broaden your reach, further improving your new customer acquisition and current customer retention rates.

Additionally, postal address (geolocation) and demographic elements are available to segment your audience and provide targeted messaging.

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