The Data Group

Auto Append

The Auto Append API uses input identity markers such as name, address, phone or email to generate an identity and searches against The Data Group’s vehicle profile database to return up to four vehicle records and includes vehicle attribute IDs.


The Auto Append API accepts identity data elements including name, address, phone, and email as input. The following table describes the API input variables.
Input Field Required? Description
FName Required First name, 15 characters max
LName Required Last name, 20 characters max
Address1 Required Address line 1, 64 characters max
Zip Required 5 digit numeric USPS zip code. * Either City/State or Zip is required
Phone Required 10 digit numeric phone number (without spaces, dashes, or parentheses)
Email Required Email address, 100 characters max

At a minimum, one of the following input combinations is required for processing:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • FName + LName + Address1 + Zip


Output data is listed in the table below with vehicle owner information.

Vehicle Owner

Identity Name:
Output Field Description Return Values
FName Appended First Name 15 characters max
MName Appended Middle Name 15 Characters
LName Appended Last name 20 Characters
Suffix Appended Name Suffix 10 Characters
Identity Address:
Output Field Description Return Values
House A Persistent ID is assigned to each consumer record in TDG’s identity graph 15 Characters
PreDir Address ID String Value
Street Appended Street name 28 Characters
StrType Appended Street suffix: ST, AVE, BLVD, etc 4 Characters
PostDir Appended Street Post Direction: N, S, E, W, NE, SW, etc 2 Characters
AptType Appended Secondary Unit designator: Apt, Suite, etc 4 Characters
AptNbr Appended Secondary unit number: Apt #, Suite #, etc 8 Characters
City Appended USPS City Name 28 Characters
State Appended USPS state abbreviation 2 Characters
Zip Appended numeric USPS zip code 5 Characters
Z4 Appended numeric USPS zip+4 4 Characters
IDate Date record was first received YYYYMMDD
DPC Appended Delivery point code with check digit 3 Characters
CRTE Appended Carrier Route 4 Characters
CNTY Appended FIPS county code 3 Characters
CountyName Appended County Name 15
Z4Type F - Firm or Company Address G - General delivery address H - High-rise or business complex P - PO Box address R - Rural route address S - Street or residential address F, G, H, P, R, S
DPV Appended Delivery Point Validation Y – Address DPV confirmed for both primary and (if present) secondary numbers D – Address DPV confirmed for primary number only, secondary number information was missing S – Address DPV confirmed for the primary number only, and secondary number information was present but unconfirmed N – Both Primary and (if present) Secondary number information failed to DPV confirm Blank – Address not presented to hash table Y, D, S, N
Vacant Vacant address Y – Yes Y – No Y, N
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area 4 Characters
CBSA Core Based Statistical Area 5 Characters
Identity IDs:
Output Field Description Return Values
PID A Persistent ID is assigned to each consumer record in TDG's identity graph 15 Characters
AID Address ID String Value
HHID Address ID and last name String Value
Auto Attributes: Up to 4 vehicles:
Output Field Description Return Values
Make Vehicle make, 30 characters max String Value
Model Vehicle Model, 30 characters max String Value
Year Vehicle Year YYYY
FuelTypeCD Vehicle Fuel Code B - Biodiesel D - Diesel F - Flex-Fuel G - Gasoline H - Fuel Cell I - Plug-in Electric L - Electronic N - CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) P - Propane Y - Hybrid B, D, F, G, H, I, L, N, P, Y
MFGCD Vehicle Manufacturing Code: A - Antique C - Chrysler Products F - Ford Products G - GM Products H - High end imports L - Low end imports O - Other A, C, F, G, H, L, O
StyleCD Vehicle Style Code 10 characters
Mileage Mileage from the last odometer reading in increments of 10.000. A=0 - 10.000, Z = 250.000+ A-Z
Odate Last verification date YYYYMMDD
Restful JSON API Example
Note: The JSON API uses DNS load balancing to route traffic to multiple IP addresses hosted at multiple data centers. Clients must use DNS and adhere to DNS TTL settings to avoid unexpected loss of service. As part of TheDataGroup’s ongoing commitment to data governance and security, the API requires TLS 1.2 encryption protocol for data communications.
POST Auto Append Successful Request (JSON)

Request Headers

Header Attribute Header Value
x-api-key {your api key}

Request Body (Parameters)

Output Field Description
FullName Full Individual Name.
Address1 Address line 1, 64 characters max.
Zip 5 digit numeric USPS zip code.
Phone 10 digit numeric phone number (without spaces, dashes, or parentheses)
Email Email address, 1000 characters max
Example Request with JSON Response
Below is an example of a successful Auto Append request and the JSON response.
Request Headers:

x-api-key: {your api key}


Request Body:
    "Phone": "555-555-5555",
    "Email": "",
    "FullName": "Tom Smith",
    "Address1": "123 Main St",
    "Zip": "12345"
     "Name": {
        "FName": "TOM",
        "LName": "SMITH",
        "MName": "A",
        "Suffix": ""
    "Address": {
        "House": "123",
        "PreDir": "",
        "Street": "MAIN",
        "StrType": "ST",
        "PostDir": "",
        "AptType": "",
        "AptNbr": "",
        "City": "ORLANDO",
        "State": "FL",
        "Zip": "32803",
        "Z4": "9111",
        "DPC": "564",
        "CRTE": "R019",
        "CNTY": "SEM",
        "Z4Type": "S",
        "DPV": "Y",
        "Vacant": "N",
        "MSA": "5960",
        "CBSA": "36740"
    "IDS": {
        "PID": "Y67511710616022",
        "AID": "Y000000059463873",
        "HHID": "Y000000059463873SMITH"
    "Vehicle": {
        "Make": "TOYOTA",
        "Model": "SEQUOIA",
        "Year": "2012",
        "ClassCD": "FULL SIZE SUV",
        "FuelTypeCD": "G",
        "MFGCD": "",
        "StyleCD": "UTIL",
        "Mileages": "A",
        "ODate": "20191025"
    "Vehicle2": {
        "Make": "LAND ROVER",
        "Model": "RANGE ROVER SPORT",
        "Year": "2010",
        "ClassCD": "SMALL SUV",
        "FuelTypeCD": "G",
        "MFGCD": "",
        "StyleCD": "UTIL",
        "Mileages": "A",
        "ODate": "20151103"
    "Vehicle3": {
        "Make": "TOYOTA",
        "Model": "TUNDRA",
        "Year": "2012",
        "ClassCD": "FULL SIZE TRUCK",
        "FuelTypeCD": "G",
        "MFGCD": "",
        "StyleCD": "PICKUP",
        "Mileages": "A",
        "ODate": "20140809"
    "Vehicle4": {
        "Make": "",
        "Model": "",
        "Year": "",
        "ClassCD": "",
        "FuelTypeCD": "",
        "MFGCD": "",
        "StyleCD": "",
        "Mileages": "",
        "ODate": ""

API Response Codes
The following is a table of potential output response codes and messages to indicate if the search was successful or returned an error.

Request Body (Parameters)

Output Field Description
200 Successful
204 No Records found
400 Missing required Parameter(s)
440 Too many results. Please refine your search criteria
429 You have reached the maximum number of transactions allowed
401 The user is invalid (verify your credentials)
500 System error. Retry search, if failure continues, contact support