The Data Group

Email ID Append

Update a new email to names and addresses.


Input for the Email Append endpoint requires FName, LName, Address1 and Zip to return a successful response. The following table lists the variables that can be sent as input to the API.
Input Field Required? Description
FName Required First name, 15 characters max
LName Required Last name, 20 characters max
Address1 Required Address line 1, 64 characters max
Zip Required 5 digit numeric USPS zip code. * Either City/State or Zip is required
Maxscore Optional Filters by Match Score, 3 characters max. See Appendix "maxscore=299 will include all individual and household level matches"
Suppression Optional Suppress records containing restrictions, True or False. Default: Suppression=True
IncludeMonths Optional Integer value in months. For example, IncludeMonths=24 would include records that have been validated within the last 2 years. By default, all matches are included regardless of validation date

At a minimum, the following combination is required for processing:

  • FName + LName + Address1 + Zip


The following table is a list of Identity values returned by the API.

Email Attributes

Output Field Description Return Values
Email Appended Email 100 characters
Suppression Email Suppression Code N - Email is Eligible for Deployment N or blank

Match Codes

Output Field Description Return Values
Score Appended Match Score (See Appendix C) 3 characters
Category Appended Matched Category (See Appendix C) I – Individual H – Household A – Address NZ – Name – Zip LZ – Last Name – Zip I, H, A, NZ, LZ
Restful JSON API Example

Note: The JSON API uses DNS load balancing to route traffic to multiple IP addresses hosted at multiple data centers. Clients must use DNS and adhere to DNS TTL settings to avoid unexpected loss of service. As part of The Data Group’s ongoing commitment to data governance and security, the API requires TLS 1.2 encryption protocol for data communications.

POST Email Append Successful Request (JSON)

Request Headers

Header Attribute Header Value
x-api-key {your api key}

Request Body (Parameters)

Output Field Description
FName First Name
LName Last Name
Address1 Address line 1, 64 characters max.
Zip 5 digit numeric USPS zip code.
Restful JSON API Example

Below is an example of a successful Email Append request and the JSON response.

Request Headers:

x-api-key: {your api key}


Request Body:
    "FName": "Tom",
    "LName": "Smith",
    "Address1": "123 Main St",
    "Zip": "12345"
    "email": "",
    "suppression": "",
    "score": "100",
    "category": "I"

API Response Codes

The following is a table of potential output response codes and messages to indicate if the search was successful or returned an error.

Request Body (Parameters)

Output Field Description
200 Successful
204 No Records found
400 Missing required Parameter(s)
440 Too many results. Please refine your search criteria
429 You have reached the maximum number of transactions allowed
401 The user is invalid (verify your credentials)
500 System error. Retry search, if failure continues, contact support