Data Onboarding Provider for Offline Information

You’ve just met your new data onboarding provider. The Data Group will match your offline customer records to a comprehensive host of online digital IDs—simply, efficiently and accurately.

Think of us as the portal between your online and offline datasets, the path to making use of offline customer records in the digital sphere.

Regardless of where you are in your digital marketing journey, you have likely experienced the need for an expert onboarding provider – a solution for integrating your organization’s offline data into your online strategy. As our lives move further and further into the digital sphere, the need to fuse offline data with the online world has become fundamental to contemporary marketing strategies.

But, while there is a pressing need to onboard data and create a completely digital data set, it is not always clear how you can achieve this goal while avoiding wasting time and resources. The Data Group is here to take you through the ins and outs, serving as your onboarding partners for seamless integration.

At the core of the data onboarding process is this: drawing together all relevant personally identifiable information (PII) into a comprehensive digital source.

Onboard Any Info: Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and Device IDs

Many organizations, from political parties and small businesses to NGOs and multinational corporations, face a customer data conundrum—they have collected offline datasets and now need to transfer them onto a platform where they can be beneficial to a digital marketing game plan.

It is at this point when they start to search for a data onboarding provider so that offline records can be fashioned into the backbone of a digital, people based marketing plan.

Physical records are still commonly collected in many ways. Perhaps you ran a door-to-door political campaign where you accumulated party data in a particular neighborhood. You may have set up shop in a mall, providing demonstrations in exchange for data collection.

Modern companies may also frequently host conferences or attain offline customer records through a pedestrian campaign. However you accessed these beneficial customer records, your job is now to connect offline information to the online environment.

As an expert onboarding provider, we make sure your offline data is moved online quickly and efficiently so you’ll be able to utilize it for your digital marketing efforts.

Accurate, In-depth Customer Profiles

By securing your offline data to information such as device IDs, mobile numbers, and demographic information, we can exponentially grow your records; each customer profile you have in your hands becomes an in-depth, digital record – sufficient to base major marketing decisions on.

With a highly competitive match rate, we make sure that offline and online users become integrated so you do not have to base conclusions on partial information.

Our Data Sets Are Constantly Updated

With The Data Group as your data onboarding provider, you don’t have to worry about accuracy. Our comprehensive databases are cross-checked to ensure the information you are provided is current. You shouldn’t have to second guess whether your customer data checks out; we take care of that for you.

Save Time and Money

Ultimately, we want you to focus on your marketing strategy, not on how to get the most complete data sets. The data onboarding process can help you save your most precious resources—time and money.

Knowing that you can trust your data onboarding provider allows you to better serve your customers, rather than spend all your time trying to figure out who they are.

Migrate Offline Data to Online CRM

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) refers to any owned information that can be linked to a specific person. This could be an email address, a postal address, phone numbers, or demographic information, to name a few data types. Essentially, it’s the information that serves as a person’s data fingerprint.

This information is, of course, hot property for marketers attempting to create intelligent strategies that directly target the right clients—but the value of this data does not end with identifying leads.

PII is also instrumental in providing outstanding customer service. In the age-old marketing adage, you need to know your customers to best serve them. The task then is to ensure that your CRM is populated with the most comprehensive customer profiles available.

Until you have completed effective onboarding processes to merge online and offline records, this owned data may not nearly reach its potential use. If this is the case, each one of your customers, prospective or current, exists as two people—the online person and the offline person. There’s no doubt that this makes the process of creating useful, comprehensive customer profiles almost impossible.

As your onboarding provider, The Data Group syncs these two distant beings—the online and the offline customer—into a well-rounded picture that gives you the information you need for actionable insights.

Your customer profiles should be accurate and complete. A PII gameplan created with a professional onboarding provider is essential if you want to use offline data to target new leads and create comprehensive customer profiles that boost current targeting strategies. The Data Group’s data onboarding services become integral to the architecture of your overall marketing strategy.

Without an expert onboarding provider, you cannot take advantage of the technology necessary to bring your data to a whole new level. Beyond data capturing into the digital sphere, our data onboarding process allows you to form an accurate link between the offline records at your disposal and comprehensive, accurate online customer profiles.

Call today to learn more about what a data onboarding provider can do for you. An effective onboarding strategy is not negotiable if you want to make full use of the data you have at your disposal.

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