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Donor management software has exploded what is possible in the world of online fundraising. When you partner with The Data Group for our patron management system, you can grow your donor databases, improve retention, and generate leads like never before. Spend time focusing on your cause, and we’ll give you digital tools to ensure the best donor engagement available.

Don’t fall behind in your fundraising efforts. Talk to us today about what we can do for your fundraising strategy. Managing donors’ information is what you’ve been looking for to take your campaign to the next level.

Get More Value Out of Your Donor Information

In the world of donor engagement, the more complete your donor profiles are, the greater your ability to create meaningful interactions. Whether you are in the non-profit sector, amid a political campaign, or fundraising to kickstart the next Big Idea, the difficulty of fundraising remains constant.

Understanding donor behavior and getting the right people to invest in your cause can be a long road, fraught with wasted resources and targets that don’t quite hit the mark, but it doesn’t have to be this challenging.

Donor management software takes the complexity out of maintaining donor strategy. The Data Group’s unique data management tools offer insights you never thought possible. Our system helps you achieve the following:

Targeting the Right Sources
Our fundraising software allows you to market to contributors that donate to specific causes, which is an invaluable component of any outreach strategy. Through access to our comprehensive donor databases, you can dispel your messaging in the right direction—using the language that will appeal to your targets.

Better Understanding Your Donor Data
Managing patron data is key to fundraising efforts. Our management software helps you completely appreciate the people behind your donations by providing comprehensive donor profiles that are automated and cross-checked against our extensive, up-to-date databases. With our help, insights are revealed about your backers, and your existing donor data becomes astronomically more powerful.

Improving Each Donor Relationship
By learning more about your donors and how to more effectively communicate with them, you have a greater chance of longevity in each relationship. Management software allows you to nurture the relationships you have built by cultivating more meaningful connections.

With the insights offered by our donor data management solutions, you can specifically craft the language you use to talk to the people on the other end of their client records.

Saving Precious Resources
Unless your outreach plan is watertight, fundraising can quickly become a black hole that seems to attract all your available resources and yield little return. This is often due to a lack of effective donor database management and successful leveraging of the information available.

When you have the right tools and processes in place, however, you can spend less energy talking to the wrong people and focus your efforts on meaningful dialogue with the right contacts. Our donor management software gives you actionable insights, so you can make sure every dime is well spent.

Improve the Success Rate on Your Donation Page
If you’re looking to enhance the donation potential on your website, effectively managing donor information can help you meet your goal. You can easily double the donation page conversion rate by targeting users who are most likely to convert, using the right message, every time.

There is no need to stress about whether you have comprehensive donor information at your fingertips; with The Data Group’s comprehensive data services, we ensure you build the best donor databases for your campaign.

Cloud Based Donor Tracking

The Data Group’s peer to peer donor management software provides a fully automated and responsive solution to the gap in your fundraising strategy. Because our technology is cloud based, it can do its job while you do yours.

Cloud-based systems allow for improved automation, accessibility, and reliable storage. You also don’t have to upload and download vital information to your local computer, unless you wish to. Your team will have access to our systems, regardless of where they are.

The quality of any database is dependent on its accuracy. By using the most up-to-date information, cross-checked against our extensive databases, your donor profiles can be relied upon to tell the real story of the people behind the contribution. You will soon wonder how you ever operated without donor management system by your side.

Fundraising Software with Up to Date Information on Donor Profiles

Imagine you are looking to raise money for a local women’s shelter that is under threat of closure if you are not able to find the capital to sustain it.

You’ve reached out to the donors you think will be interested in contributing, but somehow your messaging is not making it to your targets; you’ve run social media campaigns, spent hours crafting and sending what you think are the perfect emails, and you’ve diligently collected the information of the past donors. Somehow, with all the effort you have put in, you are not achieving your goal.

To get your message in front of the right potential donors, choose technology that gives you greater insight into donor relationships. The Data Group leads you to a place where you can better manage data.
We shed light on vital information that helps you target the appropriate people and craft messaging that converts into contributions.

With comprehensive donor profiles at your fingertips, you can better understand what moves your donors to give in the first place. What is it that ties them into your cause? Where else do they donate? Essentially, you get answers to the big question of what your contributors are passionate about.

With The Data Group’s technology, you can find the messaging that will make patrons feel understood and connect directly to their passion for giving to worthy causes. Use our powerful database solutions to strike up impactful conversations and improve the likelihood of a long-term donor relationship.

Get Valuable Online Fundraising Insights

Donor management systems can work for organizations of all types and sizes. Anyone who is looking to fundraise smartly and maximize the resources they have at their disposal can benefit from using our management software.

Why wait? Our donor management software could put indispensable donor data in your hands, significantly upgrading how you conduct your campaigns.

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