Identity Graph Provider and Resolution Services

The Data Group’s advanced identity graph provider services improve your understanding of your customers, so you can better serve them.

We provide data solutions and match rates you can trust, which serve as the backbone of your CRM campaigns.

Without an expert identity graph vendor at your side, your customer data is not living up to its potential. Get in touch today to transform how you see your customers and, ultimately, how they see you.

Identity Resolution Helps You Make Sense of Your Data

Marketing a brand of any sort, whether for a corporation, political party or charitable cause, has never been more complicated. The digital age has given us an overflow CRM data to understand customers, and while that sounds ideal, the data is only as good as our ability to make sense of it. Without identity resolution services you can trust, your customer data is a collection of dots and squiggles.

Email, IP Address, Device IDs, and Other Customer Data Working Together to Increase Match Rate

Think of all the data that is collected on a single customer in a day, both offline and online — IP addresses, email addresses, device IDs, geo-information, and that’s scratching the surface. This wealth of seemingly anonymous data, collected on innumerable users each day, could be of significant use to your marketing goals. A high match rate created with a data partner allow you to sync collected information with your existing customer profiles.

Until you can access all available customer data and draw the pieces together into a picture that makes sense, you may only have the tip of the iceberg. Incomplete data creates confusion and doesn’t serve your marketing goals.

How do you bring together the information you collected on a sign-up sheet at your latest event, for example, with a device ID you have of an existing customer?

The truth is, you can’t do it alone. An identity graph provider will perform the complex task of data matching, so you obtain a clear picture of individual customer behavior. With The Data Group’s help, you can focus on your customers’ experiences, while we take care of the data work behind the scenes.

Create Customer Profiles with Comprehensive Data Sets

Across a customer’s journey, a range of key touchpoints is taken into account to help you better understand their behavior. That woman who always buys her groceries at the neighborhood market is the same one who has shown significant brand loyalty to you over the last period.

How does that impact your marketing campaigns? What does that mean for targeting that specific area? Are there other people who seem to display similar tendencies?

Identity resolution has become the holy grail of digital marketing strategies, as it allows you to integrate your pre-existing data sets with your identity graph provider’s real time lookup capabilities. With identity resolution, you have access to in-depth insights through a unified portrait of consumer habits. The Data Group takes disparate consumer information and coalesces it into detailed customer profiles.

Once your customer profiles are intact and synthesized – through a combination of first, second, and third party data – you can begin to make major CRM and targeting decisions. Transform raw data with potential into an intelligible customer or client profile that provides key insight into their behavior.

Customer Identity Solutions

As identity graph providers, we serve a range of enterprises, from the political to the entrepreneurial, to ensure they have access to detailed customer identity portraits. If you need to know more about the people you serve (or wish to serve), identity resolution has to be a priority for your organization.

The Data Group’s identity graph services allow you to get a better grip on your customer data, which proves significantly useful for the following clients and business types:

  • Politicians, looking to better understand their constituents
  • Small Businesses, wanted to understand and grow their customer base
  • Marketers, on the hunt for more complete profiles of hot leads
  • CRM specialists, in search of complete customer profiles that will help them better understand their base.
  • Charitable causes, wanting to better understand how best to use their data sets to grow their reach

If you want to better comprehend your audience, identity resolution is non-negotiable. With a reliable data partner by your side, the pictures that are drawn of your customer profiles can be trusted to form the basis of your decision making.

Get in touch today for a free trial. There’s no obligation, just a window into what having an identity graph provider can do for you.

Combine with Your Existing CRM Data

Imagine for a moment that you are a politician on the campaign trail. You’ve focused your efforts on a particular region that is crucial to the outcome of the upcoming election. You and your team have painstakingly collected CRM data, using every tool from opinion polls to door-to-door canvassing. As you sit with this abundance of data in front of you, you wonder how you can best use it to understand the interests of the locale.

This is where we step in. As your Identity Graph Provider, we combine the data you have acquired with our own comprehensive, up-to-date databases, including all relevant email addresses, device ID information, and voter data.

From this foundation, we can construct a powerful identity graph that quickly helps you understand a segment’s specific needs. Our graph acts as a visual manifestation of the voice of the people in that community. You are in a position to craft your messaging according to your audience, speaking directly to them and their needs, forming a dialogue with your future constituents by using accurate data matching.

By making use of identity graphing and data matching tools, you can defy what you previously thought possible. Sign up for a free trial today to see how The Data Group can become transform what you do with your customer data.

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