People Based Marketing Data Solutions

Get in touch with the right people at the right time—using the correct contact information—and see how people based marketing transforms the way your campaigns work for you. Our data is at the heart of personalized strategies that provide the best possible return on investment for your marketing spend.
Ensure Your Digital Marketing Targets Individuals

Imagine that you could ensure all your marketing materials hit their targets, that your ads were seen by the right users, and that every marketing dime you spent was productive. People based marketing, when correctly executed with a reliable tech partner, makes this possible. The Data Group serves as your right hand in matters of data reliability and improved targeting with a people based mindset.

Accurate Data for your Digital Marketing Efforts

As the name suggests, a people based marketing approach centers on the human being. While that may sound obvious as a marketing campaign strategy, you would be surprised at how often the individual is eliminated from marketing efforts. The person behind the phone number, email address or social media profile can quickly be forgotten and replaced with a host of often inaccurate data attached to them.

Using the most up-to-date technological processes, we provide powerful data that meaningfully connects you with the decision-maker behind the numbers. Our data solutions are comprehensive and up-to-date; you can feel confident knowing that the people you communicate with came to you through meticulously curated information designed to put your message in front of the best audience.

Real Time Data Solutions

No matter how much funding or effort you pour into your digital marketing, if you are not sending targeted ads to the right people, you are falling short of your potential. So how do you adopt a marketing approach that is sure to yield results in a manner that affects your bottom line?

Quite simply, you have to be certain that your customer profiles —both of your leads and current clients—are precise and comprehensive. Well-defined and verifiable data may have once been achievable with internal resources, but this is no longer the case; having accurate customer data is not so simple as having a highly organized filing cabinet. The influx of information in the digital age can create false leads and inaccurate data that makes your marketing strategy fall flat.

You need a sophisticated tech partner that understands the strength of targeting people across a range of channels and devices. Our solutions seamlessly transform your marketing efforts into a revenue channel with an ROI you can feel good about.

We ensure reliable data for digital marketing efforts through robust databases that tap into the most up-to-date consumer records, combined with cross-checking across devices from a range of channels.

Identify Useful Customer Data to Provide Insights

By providing accurate data about individuals, we help you:

Find the Right Customers

Our cross channel marketing solutions allow us to target the customers that are the best fit for your campaigns. Our host of complex data capabilities include real-time look-ups for phone, mobile, and email, as well as cross-checking to provide information that is as accurate as possible; we help you get your message to the appropriate people. You shouldn’t have to waste time with incomplete or inaccurate information.

Offer Personalized Experience

Knowing as much as possible about your clientele is invaluable to your marketing strategies and providing the best possible service. Never before has such a host of information about customers been available, and this wave of data allows us to cater exactly to their needs. Whether you are targeting new leads or current customers, our marketing data solutions allow you to personalize your shared dialogue. If you are making initial contact with a potential customer, the more you can customize their experience, the greater your chances of success. 96% of digital marketers say that personalization advances customer relations. Can you afford to not personalize your digital marketing strategy?

Perform Expert Data Analysis

Quickly and easily gain major insight into consumer behavior and habits. Our data solutions tie you into comprehensive demographic data that can help you understand the where and why behind lead performance, taking your campaign from uncertain to in-touch. By understanding your customers better, you can do more for them.

Keep Current With Changes

The individual people behind an address, phone number, or email are dynamic, and their digital footprints are constantly changing. If you want a marketing approach that lives up to the technological capabilities of our times and reflects accurate mobile and geo-data, choose a solution that allows you to target individuals. The Data Group’s program reflects ever-changing consumer data in real time.

Stay Compliant

When you are dealing with issues of individual privacy, you must remain respectful and compliant. While this may seem easy, the reality is that grey areas are too often crossed into—sometimes accidentally. To protect the wishes of your customers and avoid damaging fines, it’s imperative to adhere to regulations and do-not-call list rules. To effortlessly meet this goal, choose a partner that understands your marketing approach and offers legitimately-sourced, reliable data.

Better Marketing Strategies Means Better Results

Ultimately, your marketing strategies should yield your desired outcomes. No matter how trendy or quirky your messaging is, or how hard-working your team, you can’t turn your efforts into profit without pin-point accurate methodologies that appeal directly to your potential customers and clients.

How you transform data insight into a lived experience for your clients is at the heart of any successful marketing mission.

In the digital age, people based marketing has made a truly individualized strategy and personal messaging a reality. For the first time, we not only have access to the most advanced databases of information but the tools to cross-check data and support on-going accuracy, creating trust-worthy content that meets the mark. You can easily decide which leads to work with and how to create unique messaging that appeals to them directly.

The Data Group’s mission to bring real time, meaningful data directly to you. People based marketing is at the core of our data collection philosophies and can help you create your most successful campaigns to date. Contact us today for more information about what our data can do for you.

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