Validation Software to Ensure a Quality Database

Data validation is integral to database management. Quite simply, your data means nothing if you cannot trust its accuracy. Without validation technology for information dependability, your data load may be nothing more than stored squiggles.

Our data validation services are affordable, accurate, and utilize the most up-to-date software. They include:

  • Address validation: Save on postage budget and time by ensuring that your communications go where they are supposed to.
  • Phone validation: Ensure the number you dial gets you through to the right individual.
  • Email validation: Increase your lead conversion by ensuring your marketing materials arrive in the right inboxes.
  • Text validation: Remove unwanted elements and ensure the data accuracy of the text.

The hottest leads turn to ice if their details cannot be verified. Major decisions guided by inaccurate information can be highly detrimental to your business, and the last thing you need is to waste time and human resources manually checking data accuracy.

That’s where our data validation services come into play. By automating these processes, you won’t have to question whether erroneous data is affecting your business strategies.

Data Accuracy and Database Systems

Marketing in the digital age without reliable database management is like being a concert pianist playing to an audience of none. How can you be sure you’re spreading your message to the right crowd and avoid playing for an empty house?

In the world of digital marketing, your audience is created from your data warehouse — and that goes beyond storing large amounts of data to how accurate and up-to-date the information is.

Validation solutions can provide confidence that your data is correct and comprehensive, thereby preventing a bottleneck in your workflow or burning a hole in your pocket with wasted effort backed by inaccurate numbers. The Data Group’s validation technology can help you become more efficient and assured.

But while data quality is important, verification is a part of the process that should be given an equal amount of importance.

There is a misconception that validation is a cumbersome part of big data flow that will ultimately cost time that you do not have to spare. However, this misconception is as dangerous as having incorrect data. While manually checking a data set may indeed be slow, this is by no means the only option.

With data validation software provided by The Data Group, you do not have to painstakingly verify each entry yourself. We do the hard work for you and in a matter of moments.

Our data validation services are simple, fast and affordable; there is simply no excuse for not having a perfect data load.

The Best Validation Data Software

Fast, affordable and accurate information is what makes our data validation technology superior. We do the thinking for you when it comes to your data management strategy.

  • Up-to-date, comprehensive voter data

As soon as updates are made by the Board of Elections, they are refreshed on our database systems. County by county, we can ensure the highest level of accuracy in our data validation processes. Everything the Board of Elections knows, you will know too.

  • Expert data integration with our nationwide consumer file

Not only do we have our fingers directly on the pulse of voter data but we can also match this information to our nationwide consumer file. This allows us to add our own demographic and issue data and cross-check all the information we receive.

Once our system compares data from the Board of Elections with our own, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your data has been expertly authenticated and is not going to lead you astray. The data you have at your disposal is the result of the best comparison tools on the market today.

  • Daily verification of landline and cell phone numbers by Telco

Phone numbers are verified every day to confirm information about each line. We can verify ownership, as well as which lines have been disconnected.

Our data validation processes can also discern porting, the term for when a landline number is transferred to a mobile phone. As landline and cell phones come with different restrictions, knowing when numbers are ported is a vital piece of information.

  • Real-time verification of emails

We only send our clients verified email addresses. Having thousands of emails on your database means nothing without data validation to verify their accuracy.

We have up to 10 emails per user (including MD5, SHA1, and SHA2 hash emails), and all of our emails are verified in real-time before outputting.

What do our data validation services look like in action? Imagine that a potential lead lands on your website. They are interested and they type their details into your web form. This is when our validation software gets to work:

  1. We check the accuracy of the information.
  2. We standardize that information across all your records.
  3. We provide lightning-fast results.

The moment information hits your data systems, you know it is correct. Don’t wait until inaccurate data wreaks havoc on your books down the line to know when something is out of place.

Through easily configurable validation rules, our software can check each data type and compare it to others within our systems. The best part is that this is not a time-consuming process; your data is available to you moments after input.

You need solutions that make the task of managing your data warehouse streamlined and ultimately more effective. Our data transformation capabilities allow you to do just that, with minimal hassle.

We’re your lifeline to the largest collection of verifiable consumer data, helping you design your business practices to provide the optimal data flow. With our data validation services, we can be the middle-man in your source and target processes, allowing you to focus on what you do with your data, rather than whether you can trust where information is coming from.

Validation Solutions

In the digital economy, data is everything. Whether you are a marketing magnate, a CRM guru, or a startup looking to grow your business, database management is crucial to the success of your venture. The problem has historically been, however, that database systems are only as good as the accuracy of their entries.

The best data validation technology ensures data is not only correct but is as comprehensive as possible — and this is exactly what we can provide.

Regardless of how hot your leads are, if you are ultimately unable to reach them efficiently and effectively, you may as well not have them at all. Our expert understanding of database integration means that you can focus on how you will most effectively utilize your comprehensive data, rather than whether the information you have collected is dependable.

Increase your conversion rates by trying out our validation solutions today.

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