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Get Accurate Address Verification and Lead Hygiene Instantly

A visitor comes to your website and submits their address in a web form. Now imagine instantly and automatically validating the accuracy of this address, and then having the address standardized across all your records with perfect, instantaneous accuracy.

That’s what our real-time address verification & lead hygiene services provide.

This standardization of addresses – or lead hygiene – is absolutely essential to the maintenance and proper growth of your database and marketing initiatives.

The potential benefits this can provide includes:

  • Better lead conversion
  • Faster response times
  • Increased ROI on your marketing initiatives
  • Save money on wasted postage

Key Features

  • Accurate: Our address verification solution has unparalleled accuracy. This accurate data keeps your CRM databases clean by entering clean, valid addresses from the start.
  • Easy: Since our solution is cloud based, it’s easy to integrate into any website, application, CRM system, or any business application
  • Fast: Get up and running in just a few hours
  • Affordable: We provide flexible, subscription-based pricing that will fit any budget

Once you have verified the name/address you have the proper foundation from which to append additional information for customers/prospects such as phone numbers, email addresses and key demographics.

Debtors can’t hide with our skip tracing data solutions

The cat and mouse game between debtors and debt collectors is a battle that continues to this day. As a collections professional, it’s imperative that you win this battle by using technology & superior up-to-date data to find your debtors accurately and quickly.

Our skip tracing solutions are fast and completely customizable leveraging a customer database with over 400 million names and 1.3 billion address records. We can go back over 25 years of historical contact information and provide you with a verified record and detailed history for each individual.

We also give you access to a comprehensive file with over half a billion unique phone records, including more than 400 million records that are not available using traditional methods. On top of this we leverage a powerful file of over a half a billion phone records (many of which are not available using traditional sources) which are all validated & up-to-date.

Our skip tracing solution is designed to help you locate the most current address, historical addresses, aliases, and current phone numbers associated with a non-responsive account. In real-time, The Data Group’s skip tracing solutions search our massive historical Consumer Referential Database (CRD) and TNR phone database to locate current and alternative contact information for your debt recovery initiatives.

Some of the key benefits of our skip tracing solutions include:

Increase the probability of a successful contact
Our skip tracing solutions provide you with options to get up to 10 relevant addresses, 2 aliases and 10 phone numbers, which increases the probability you’ll reach the right contact.

Extensive consumer contact data that’s second to none
The Data Group’s phone database has over 500 million phone numbers. We capture more information from thousands of public and proprietary sources on a regular basis, which provides the most current information for hard to reach contacts.

Social security & deceased data verification
We provide social security number matching options, which will ensure an exact match. Our solutions will also provide information on consumers who are deceased, including date-of-death.

Access data in real time, on any platform
You can retrieve our skip tracing data through our real-time open API. We provide real-time data feeds that will provide data directly to any platform you might need. It’s 100% automated, and capable of high volume processing of over millions of records each month.

When you partner with The Data Group and get access to our powerful and accurate databases, it makes it quick and easy to collect more from your debtors. Contact us to learn more about how we can customize our skip tracing solutions to meet your unique needs.

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