The Data Group


Every consumer travels a different path to get to you.  They may access your site via a cell phone, email, laptop, tablet, etc. Each different device creates an array of identities.  TDG’s ID Pro will help you link all of these identities to one consumer.  This will help you to understand your customer’s behaviors and overall footprint to link your customers to marketing, services & sales.


TDG’s Identity Graph contains 260 million consumers and 97.5 million daily updates.  ID Pro uses this database to provide you with up to three email addresses and up to three phones on all of your inbound leads with as little as a name, address phone or email.  Additionally, ID ProPlus will add identity scoring and verification by adding a score of 0-100 to show the accuracy of the data submitted.


Being able to immediately identify inbound consumers will allow you to provide customized offers relevant to your lead. You can personalize your offers to them based off of preferences and life changes.

The route leads to the right reps who will provide the best experience based off of the data you acquired.

Gain new points of contact for customers, such as additional email addresses or phone numbers as well as Mobile Ad ID’s for cross-device linking.

Personalize outbound communications based off of offline/online footprints of your customer.


Consumer Identity Management

The Data Group’s focus is always on providing the most accurate and current (permissibly obtained) consumer data to keep you in touch with your most valuable resource-your customers.

Daily Updates

With 260 million consumer records, data will change by the minute.  That’s why we have 97.5 million daily updates throughout our database.

Complete Profiles

The Data Group can help you to complete the profiles of your clients and leads including identity, scoring, attributes & intelligence.  All of this is available on-demand so you can engage your leads 24/7.


Online decisions and purchases are made at lightning speed and you have to be able to keep up to stay in the game.  TDG’s ID Verify allows you to score and verify and score a lead in real-time thus giving you the instant knowledge you need to close the deal.

ID Verify accesses our Identity Graph which contains 260 million consumer records and receives 97.5 million daily updates to validate and score all of your inbound inquiries.  The higher the score, the better the lead allowing you to prioritize those leads with higher scores.  Having the most accurate data ensures that you provide the best possible experience to a lead helping to maximize the potential to sell and establish a lifetime relationship.

The ID Verify score is completely customizable not just providing you with an overall score on an individual, but also on each data element such as name, physical address, landline, cell or email.  This will help you to accurately determine the validity of an inbound lead.

In addition to lead scoring & verification, ID Ver has predictive intelligence that can help marketers anticipate what a consumer wants or needs.  We can add demographic, income, housing details, auto & phone information to build the complete picture of your customer and help you qualify & prioritize your leads.  

ID Ver can also link lifestyle features to your client such as:

  • hobbies
  • pet ownership
  • travel preferences
  • In-market shoppers
  • Financial indicators