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of your customer emails go bad each year

Don't Lose Contact With a Chunk of Your Customer Base

Email Append Service is about maintaining updated emails on file so you can stay in contact with both customers and prospects. Industry experts suggest that email marketing databases experience a natural degradation of approximately 15-20% annually. The real value is ensuring you have as many deliverable email addresses as possible and have an easy solution to ensure you’re constantly reaching as many customers via email as possible.

Email Append Solutions You Can Trust

The Data Group’s email address appending solutions make your email lists a conduit for the two most important pillars of an effective email marketing campaign: reliable accuracy and deliverability.

Other email append providers don’t verify the email addresses they append, which can derail your entire campaign because you run the risk of damaging your sender score when you send too many emails that go to undeliverable fake email addresses. 

That’s why it’s vital to process your emails through email validation every few months so you can remove outdated email addresses and append only verified email addresses. 

Need help with the email verification process? We’ve got you covered. Click the button below to get your free match report and gauge the quality of your data.

Increased Data Accuracy

No email marketing campaign can survive without a reliable real-time email verification system in place. Inaccuracies can stall efficacy and drain your resources.

Why Email Append Services Matter

Organizations can’t afford to miss out on reaching nearly a fourth of their customers annually. With low mins and same day processing, there’s no excuse to not be updating outdated customer email addresses.

The right email append service can ensure that every cent you place into email marketing costs renders the best possible ROI.

How Email Append Services Work

The objective of email append service is to discover and include email addresses that correspond to the individuals mentioned, utilizing their name and either their physical or mailing address. So basically, the email append process is simply taking a name/ postal address and appending and verifying a matching email address back to the person’s record. In addition to email appending, The Data Group also provides comprehensive demographic information, as well as other channels such as phone, text and digital targeting solutions.
Email Append Services

Email appending services have allowed the marketer to work smarter – not harder – making accuracy and consistent communication with customers something they can easily tick off their to-do list.

Accessing the Most Accurate Email Data Available

A finely crafted email marketing campaign is only effective when the email addresses you’re targeting are accurate, valid, and up-to-date. Anything less, and you might as well not have them at all.

Because manually checking your customers and prospects list for quality is too time-consuming even to consider, many marketers skip the crucial verification step.

But hoping for the best is no way to manage your data.

Reliable email appending is crucial to obtaining accurate information. 

The Data Group’s real-time email verification technology allows for a hassle-free appending process, providing you with current addresses. We deliver dynamic outcomes through our consistently updated database. Our email append process ensures the retrieval of exclusively authentic and deliverable email addresses. Additionally, we offer a range of other data appends, such as employer information, phone numbers, date of birth, and postal addresses.

Skip the wild goose chase and put your data to good use!

Our lightning-fast email lookups are perfect for the following:

Spam Suppression

Think of our email appending services as the bouncer for your marketing campaign. By filtering out spam, we can make sure that undesirable addresses are kept out. These include both abandoned addresses and those used as traps to catch spam-bots.

Simple Result Codes

You can easily see what our email appending software is up to. By providing user-friendly codes that reflect validation results, our users are kept in the loop regarding the status of the appending process.

Avoiding Complainers

Complainers are common users who like to complain after receiving emails. Complaints can vary from ISP notifications to cease and desist letters. In some rare cases, complainers might even pursue litigation. These are valid addresses but we do not recommend sending mail.

Our email appending services provide deliverable email addresses that will keep your leads converting and your customers returning. 

What’s more, productive management of data health prevents blacklisting, making you far less prone to fall into the traps that litter the digital marketing field.

Best of all, our data protection policies keep your data safe and secure—while keeping you compliant with current regulations.

Identify Important Information With Our Email Lookup Solutions

Every time a lead provides an email address, we can perform a reverse email append to provide immediate information about the individual user attached to that address.

Our real-time email lookups accept both standards and hashed (encrypted or otherwise secured) emails (MD5 or SHA1/SHA2). 

Instantaneously receive information on the relevant individual, including:


Immediately match the correct name to the address on your database. This allows you to incorporate high levels of personalization into your email campaigns. Emails that directly and personally address the user are more likely to catch their attention.

Postal addresses

Geographic data provides another valuable level of information to hone your marketing efforts. With advanced geolocation potential, we can match an email to a mailing address, thereby greatly extending the possibilities of your reach.

Phone numbers

Email append services will match email addresses to valid, in-use phone numbers. For those engaged in multi-channel marketing, this is a dream come true. Increase your marketing efforts and expand your ability to capture leads, all while saving time and energy.


The Data Group provides comprehensive demographics, allowing you to precisely target groups of prospects. This only serves to bolster your market research and campaigns.

Proprietary Matching Algorithms

As part of the email appending process, our proprietary matching algorithms offer maximum flexibility in determining individual and household match levels. This allows you to narrow or broaden your reach, further improving your match rate. The result? High levels of customization that allows your leads to convert better.

Verified by our nationwide database of over a billion addresses and cross-checked using the most up-to-date information, our email appending services expand your reach within seconds.


Email appending is the process of adding missing email addresses to a database by matching it with other sources of information. By appending missing email addresses to their customer database, companies can reach out to more customers via email and keep them informed about their products, services, and promotions.

Email append services ensure that appended email addresses are valid and you’re working with verified emails. This allows you to target your communication with each contact and increase your conversion rates for all your marketing efforts.
While many of our competitors only enjoy a 20% match rate, The Data Group can get freshest email address data on 35-50% of your contact list.

Email append services can provide names, postal addresses, phone numbers, demographics, and proprietary matching algorithms for each email address.

Yes, by combining email append services with email verification services – both provided by The Data Group – you can help improve email deliverability by adding missing email address data to your updated database and then verifying them for accuracy, ensuring that the emails are delivered to valid and active email accounts.

When considering email append service providers, factors to take into consideration should include cost, email verification capabilities, compliance, effectiveness, consumer ratings, and match rates. The Data Group has the industry’s highest match rate of verified deliverable emails (35-50%)!

Yes, there are legal and ethical concerns related to email appending. One concern is that the process may violate privacy laws if the individuals have not given consent to have their information shared or used for marketing purposes. This is why it’s vital for companies to ensure that the emails they’ve appended have opted in and their email service provider is privacy compliant.

Always measure your sales growth against the amount of money you invested in each marketing campaign. This gives you a baseline from which to measure the accuracy of your email append campaign.