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Strengthen your marketing campaigns with our Digital Onboarding Appends, ensuring precise, current, and scalable online identities.
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Enhance your marketing strategies with our Digital Onboarding Data service, designed to append online identifiers such as Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) and hashed emails to your first-party data. Available at just $0.02 per record with up to 90% match rates, this service allows you to effectively target users across various platforms and mobile devices. Our solution ensures the security of your personally identifiable information (PII) while significantly boosting your digital and programmatic onboarding rates. By identifying additional customers and prospects, you can receive up to 10 MAIDs, 10 hashed emails, and IP addresses per record, ensuring consistent messaging and maximizing your marketing impact.
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What Makes Our Digital Onboarding Data Better?

Our Digital Onboarding Service stands out because we prioritize precision and reliability in every piece of data we provide. By appending up to 10 Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) and 10 hashed emails to your existing customer data, we ensure that you can effectively reach and engage your audience across various digital platforms. This means your marketing efforts are not just widespread but also targeted, significantly improving the likelihood of reaching the right customers at the right time. Our advanced technology with industry-leading match rates, up to 90%, ensures that the data you receive is both accurate and comprehensive.
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Another key advantage of our Digital Onboarding Service is its real-time API access. This feature allows for seamless integration with your existing systems, enabling you to utilize a real-time data onboarding solution. Whether you're looking to enhance customer targeting or streamline your marketing campaigns, our real-time API ensures you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. This not only saves you time but also enhances the efficiency of your marketing operations, allowing for quicker adjustments and more responsive strategies.

Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on data security. In today's digital landscape, safeguarding customer data is paramount, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data protection. Our security measures ensure that your customer information is handled with the utmost care. This not only protects your business from potential issues but also builds trust with your customers, knowing that their data is secure.
Just $.02 / Record
Improve your audience data with our budget-friendly services, starting at just $0.02 per record, greatly expanding your customer outreach.
Boost MAID Appends
Boost your onboarding rates with our unique ability to append up to 10 Mobile Ad IDs and 10 Hashed emails per match.
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Take advantage of our free data test to experience the quality of our Digital Onboarding Data, ensuring you make an informed decision for your business.
High Match Rates
Achieve up to 90% match rates with our superior Digital Onboarding Data services, enhancing your ability to connect with the right audience.
Furthermore, our Digital Onboarding Service offers unparalleled value. With our competitive pricing of just $0.02 per record, you receive top-quality data enhancement without breaking the bank. We also offer a 100% free data test, allowing you to experience the benefits firsthand before making any commitments. This approach ensures that you can confidently invest in our services, knowing that you are getting the best return on your investment.

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Why Choose Us for Digital Onboarding Services?

When it comes to Digital Onboarding Services, The Data Group stands out as the industry leader you can trust. Our commitment to accuracy and reliability means that you receive the highest quality data enhancements, enabling you to target your audience more effectively. Our service integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, providing real-time API access to ensure you always have the most current and precise data at your fingertips.
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Choosing The Data Group means partnering with a team dedicated to your success. Our competitive pricing of just $0.02 per record ensures that you receive unparalleled value without compromising on quality. We offer a 100% free data test, allowing you to experience firsthand the improvements our service can bring to your marketing strategies. With up to 90% match rates and the ability to append up to 10 MAIDs and 10 hashed emails per match, you can trust that our Digital Onboarding Service will enhance your ability to connect with new and existing customers, driving better engagement and higher returns on your marketing investments.
Ready to See the Impact of Accurate Customer Data?
At Just $0.02 per Match Your ROI is Going to Skyrocket!
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Features and Benefits of Digital Onboarding Data Services

Optimized Customer Profiles

Enhance your customer profiles with our Digital Onboarding Data, adding valuable insights and identifiers that help you understand and reach your audience more effectively.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Boost customer interaction by utilizing accurate Digital Onboarding Data, allowing for more personalized and relevant marketing messages that drive better campaign results.

Exceptional Match Rates

Achieve superior match rates up to 90% with our Digital Onboarding Data, ensuring you reach both existing and potential customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Precision Market Segmentation

Refine your marketing strategies through our Digital Onboarding Data, enabling precise audience segmentation and highly targeted campaigns that enhance engagement and conversions.

What are Digital Onboarding Append Services?

Digital Onboarding Append Services are specialized solutions designed to enhance your existing customer data with additional online identifiers such as Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) and hashed emails. These services take your first-party data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails, and append them with valuable digital identifiers that allow you to target users more effectively across various online platforms and mobile devices. By integrating these additional identifiers, businesses can significantly improve their digital marketing reach and precision, ensuring that marketing messages are delivered to the right audience at the right time.

One of the primary benefits of Digital Onboarding Append Services is the ability to unify offline and online data, creating a comprehensive view of each customer. This unified data approach enables more accurate and personalized marketing strategies. For instance, by appending up to 10 MAIDs and 10 hashed emails to your customer records, you can engage with your audience through targeted ads on social media, in-app advertisements, and other digital channels. This level of precision helps increase engagement rates, drive higher returns on marketing investments, and improve onboarding rates significantly.

Additionally, the integration of real-time API access ensures that the appended data is always up-to-date, providing marketers with the most current insights for their campaigns. This combination of accuracy, security, and real-time updates makes Digital Onboarding Append Services an invaluable tool for modern marketers looking to maximize their digital marketing effectiveness. By using these services, businesses can enhance their customer data while maintaining the trust and confidence of their audience.

Benefits of Digital Onboarding Services

Digital Onboarding Services offer a multitude of advantages for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts. One of the primary benefits is the ability to achieve superior match rates, ensuring that you can accurately link online and offline customer data. This high level of accuracy enables more effective audience targeting, allowing you to reach potential customers with personalized marketing messages across various digital platforms. By appending online identifiers like Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) and hashed emails to your existing customer records, you can significantly improve your digital marketing reach and engagement rates, ultimately driving better conversion and ROI.

Another key benefit of Digital Onboarding Services is the enhancement of customer data quality and completeness. These services provide real-time updates and integrations, ensuring that your data remains current and relevant. This comprehensive data approach enables businesses to develop more refined and targeted marketing strategies, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, the security measures embedded in these services ensure that customer data is protected, maintaining trust and adherence to regulatory standards. This combination of precise targeting, improved data quality, and strong security safeguards makes Digital Onboarding Services a crucial tool for any business aiming to optimize its marketing performance.

How Do Digital Onboarding Data Services Work

Digital Onboarding Data Services work by taking your existing customer information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails, and appending them with additional online identifiers like Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) and hashed emails. This process begins with the collection of first-party data, which is then securely processed through an API that matches and enhances the data with these valuable digital identifiers. The appended data is integrated back into your customer database, allowing you to create a unified profile for each customer. This enriched data set enables more precise targeting and personalized marketing across various digital platforms, ensuring your messages reach the right audience. Additionally, these services are designed to be secure, safeguarding sensitive information while enhancing your marketing capabilities.

How Can Digital Onboarding Data Services Help Businesses?

Digital Onboarding Data Services can significantly enhance a business's marketing efforts by providing accurate and comprehensive customer data that bridges the gap between offline and online identities. By appending vital online identifiers such as Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) and hashed emails to your existing customer records, these services enable precise audience targeting and personalized marketing across various digital platforms. This improved targeting leads to higher engagement rates and better conversion, ultimately driving increased ROI. Additionally, the real-time data updates and secure nature of these services ensure that your customer information is always current and protected. By leveraging these advanced data services, businesses can develop more effective marketing strategies, improve customer interactions, and achieve greater overall marketing success.

Types of Digital Onboarding Append Services

Digital Onboarding Append Services come in various forms, each tailored to enhance different aspects of your customer data. Common types include Mobile Ad ID (MAID) appending, where unique mobile identifiers are added to your records, and hashed email appending, which provides secure, anonymized email data for digital marketing use. Additionally, IP address appending helps track and target users based on their network locations. These services can also include appending demographic data, such as age, income, and interests, which enriches customer profiles and allows for more precise market segmentation. By integrating these diverse data points, businesses can achieve a holistic view of their customers, enabling highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns across multiple digital channels.
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