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Our online count/order system allows you to run counts and purchase data in minutes. Plus, you can easily suppress lists and we don’t charge for suppressions.

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In-Market Buyers

Introducing TDG new in-market auto shoppers. Now you can easily target consumers with pinpoint accuracy using AI and state-of-the-art technology to target shoppers that are in-market to purchase a vehicle in the next 90 days. Built using our proprietary process along with daily transactional data of who is in the market we can also let you know if they are likely to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. Plus, with VIN information you can also determine their current trade-in value for personalized marketing.

Focus your marketing and spend more time reaching those buyers that are in-market. This not only provides a huge boost to your sales department but will, of course, translate into new profits to service centers as well.

Auto Reach Digital

With consumers spending 89% of the time on their smart phones in-app it’s no surprise that reaching auto buyers is more mobile driven than ever. Billions of dollars are being spent annually on mobile ads, with a whopping 97% of those ads delivered via apps on mobile phones. This huge opportunity for automotive marketers also comes with the demand for online privacy which has brought with it added layers of security for consumers.

Tools such as Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) and hashed email addresses serve to protect in-app consumer data but put a roadblock between you and the buyers. As such, automotive marketers must use new tools to identify buyers without hindering their personally identifiable information (PII). The Data Group makes it easy to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on this new fast-growing market all while keeping consumers PII secure with the following offerings:

Auto Digital

Reach potential car buyers using the same filters you would for say a mailing list such as certain makes, models, in-market buyers etc. and receive back MAIDs/HEMs corresponding to your target market. The data is anonymized to keep PII information private all the while allowing you to reach a much larger of customers and prospects digitally.

Cross Device Marketing Reach

Take omni-channel marketing to the next level by adding additional MAIDs/HEMs to an existing MAIDs/Hashed Emails you already have in your database. Easily reach more customers and prospects on more devices than ever before. On average we provide 7 MAIDs and 7 HEMs per customer record!

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