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Immediately Identify Inbound Leads and Personalize Real-Time Offers to Win More Business

In today’s modern corporate landscape, the most successful companies use reverse email append as often as they receive leads. And that’s because they recognize the power of quality data. It’s the secret ingredient that puts them miles ahead of competitors and ensures that every potential customer is comprehensively profiled and their database is as rich as possible.

As a result, their marketing strategies become more personalized and effective, contributing significantly to their success. And if you’re utlilizing this method daily, we recommend using our API to perform lookups in real-time. You’ll have the power to instantly update contact info, link back to your CRM, and personalize offers all without delay.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

The more you know about each of your contacts, the better you’ll be able to segment your lists and target your outreach to meet each prospect right where they are.

Improved Marketing Results

It’s all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. That’s how targeted marketing leads to a higher ROI, every time.

Save Time, Money and Embarrassment

With complete name & address info, you can easily link the given email back to your CRM and update customers’ preferred communication methods. Never waste another minute sending the same email campaign multiple times to the same person.

What Is Reverse Email Appending and how does it work?

Reverse email appending is a marketing process where unknown data attributes (like name and postal address) are appended to a database using the known email addresses. It works by matching email addresses with a larger consumer data sets.

Through reverse email lookup, The Data Group can fill in the gaps in your company’s contact list, giving you the wealth of information you need to make sure each email campaign hits the mark.

Without reverse email append services, however, you’re likely flying blind. At best, your email marketing efforts will be hit-and-miss. At worst, they’ll miss the mark entirely, leaving you scrambling while your prospects remain disinterested, unimpressed, and disengaged.

Batch Skip Tracing

Personalize Your Customer Experience with Complete Customer Profiles

The more full your customer data, the simpler it is to create complete customer profiles. With full profiles, you can personalize your marketing campaigns to provide the sort of tailored customer experiences that increase engagement and boost your marketing ROI.

Expand Your Communication Channels for More Effective Outreach

Targeted messaging only works if you can actually reach your customers. Reverse email append services provide alternative communication channels to your existing database – such as a postal address and phone numbers – by which you can reach each prospect.

Ensure Accurate Customer Data for Better Decision Making

When it comes to marketing, an email list is a good start. But with only one piece of customer data, there’s a greater risk of errors in data entry or verification, leading to incomplete or inaccurate customer profiles.

Reverse email appending can fill in the gaps, expanding your knowledge base about each customer. This gives you the power to hone your marketing efforts to target each contact’s individual interests, needs, and desires.


Reverse email append is a system that takes your company’s email list and adds accurate, relevant information to give you a bigger picture of your client or customer base. With reverse email appending, you can reach out to more customers via a wider variety of methods to keep them informed about your latest products, services, and promotions.

With a reverse append service, you will gain the information you need to reach your customers, reducing your workload while simultaneously increasing your marketing ROI.

The Data Group uses opt-in compliant sources to match each email address with accurate consumer data.

We receive millions of updates weekly to our file ensuring you the freshest data available.

While rates can vary from company to company, The Data Group works hard to keep fees low. We offer exceptional data and powerful results at just $0.02 per match.

We keep our prices low so yo can update your files more frequently and make the most of each customer interaction. If you receive email leads daily we recommend using our real-time api.