The Data Group Phone Solutions

Get a full picture of each incoming caller with our phone lookup solutions

When someone calls your organization, our phone lookup solution will provide you with instant, detailed information about that individual. You can instantly query our database of over 500MM public, private, landline, VoIP, and wireless numbers to provide you with a complete picture of who is calling in, including:

  • Caller name
  • Caller address
  • Caller demographics

We believe that data – here in the form of our lookup solutions – is a powerful catalyst for understanding your customers. And that customer understanding can be translated into better customer service, which will ultimately benefit you in the form of more customer satisfaction, referral, and sales.

Get accurate phone information instantly with phone verify and append

The foundation of any outbound calling campaign is making sure that the phone numbers you have are valid and match back to a given contact record. Or that your incomplete records have phone numbers added.

Our instant phone verify and append solutions do just that.

We will compare your phone number record against our nationwide phone file to make sure that the number is correct. If it is not, we can provide you with a new, correct phone number for the individual.

Our process compares your phone number against our Nationwide Phone file to make sure the phone number you have associated with a record is the correct one. If not, we can just as easily provide you with a new current phone number listed for the individual.

Benefits this can provide includes:

  • Save time and money
  • Better communication with prospects & customers
  • Reduced waste & inefficiency
  • Maximize campaign ROI
Protect your business by maintaining TCPA compliance

The original Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was passed in 1991 to regulate pre-recorded messages and auto-dialers as a way to protect consumer privacy from unscrupulous telemarketers. Over time, TCPA has been amended which has placed additional regulatory compliance requirements on companies in their interactions with consumers.

One of these compliance requirements make it critical that companies identify phone numbers and the phone types of the consumers within their database.

Staying compliant is not optional – penalties range in the $500-$1,500 range for each phone call & text, and infractions can results in tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and time in court.

It is therefore critical that you take the correct steps to ensure you stay in compliance with TCPA regulations.

Our TCPA premium compliance solution will help you identify the type of phone that you’re calling (wireless or landline), verify if the owner is the same as the person who provided consent to call, and also process phone numbers to identify phones that have been ported from landline to wireless.

Our compliance solution leverages our Nationwide Phone file, which is one of the industry’s largest and most accurate collection of public and private telephone numbers. Contact us today to learn the steps you need to take to ensure that you mitigate unneeded risk and stay in compliance with TCPA regulations.

Identify disconnected phone numbers to save you time and money

Telemarketers, take notice.

Our phone disconnect solution helps you to instantly identify disconnected phone numbers for removal from your subscriber or non-subscriber databases as part of your ongoing telemarketing efforts.

The Data Group can help you easily identify a disconnected number, which may be a strong indicator of an “at risk” customer. This can help you save valuable time and operations costs by eliminating disconnected files from the queue.

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