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No digital marketing campaign is complete without the use of The Data Group’s expert mobile device ID. Our services are the pathway to delivering your carefully crafted message onto the right devices. Our leading mobile device ID’s can help you better understand and serve your customer base while targeting prospects that will be quick to convert.

Use mobile device ID in combination with our superior mobile lookup technology, which taps into our exclusive nationwide database of over one billion IDs. The Data Group’s innovate technology can catapult your mobile marketing strategy into the future.

The Value of Tracking Mobile Device IDs

When you think of how important mobile is for your marketing strategy, you may imagine that’s solely due to the continued rise of mobile usage. Americans spend 4.7 hours a day on their phones, more than a quarter of the average time spent awake. If you want to target consumers, tapping into the power of mobile is the perfect way to go.

Mobile ID tracking has transformed the landscape of mobile advertising, making it possible for marketers to capitalize on current mobile user habits more effectively than ever.

Mobile device ID tracking provides insight into customer habits. While you may have used cookies on your website since the dawn of digital marketing, it’s important to remember that this technology was designed for desktop. In the era of mobile, we need new solutions that are specific to a landscape that may soon be mobile-dominant—and that’s exactly what The Data Group offers.

Major developments in party ad tracking and mobile technology have come a long way in helping marketers effectively reach their ideal customers. Every mobile device has an accompanying identifier which gives marketers the opportunity to:

  • Reliably track users on multiple devices thus building a 360 view
  • Target potential customers and look-alike prospects
  • Remain compliant and within the bounds of user privacy rights

If harnessed effectively, tracking mobile device IDs can allow you to understand your current and prospective customers on a deeper level, improve user experiences, and build customer relationships that last.

The Data Group’s comprehensive mobile solutions are built on these two pillars:

  1. Expert mobile device lookup services, using our extensive database and the most up-to-date Mobile ID data
  2. Leading mobile device ID tracking that allows you key insights into the online behavior of your current customers as well as access to targeted prospects

With The Data Group as your right-hand in data solutions, you are tapped into the most current, comprehensive data the industry has to offer.

Data Accuracy

The Data Group ensures clients’ records are as up-to-date and accurate as possible, so they can use vital data to best grow their businesses and serve their customers. We can meet this goal by offering state-of-the-art mobile device appending solutions.

With our technology, you will be able to:

  • Understand the habits of your current customers through mobile ID lookup. By using your customers’ mobile IDs, you can track their habits across your mobile app.
  • Use mobile ID targeting to reach new customers. We will help you grow your mobile targeting campaign by giving you access to the device IDs of hot prospect groups so you can turn them into paying customers.

With The Data Group’s mobile solutions, you can save significant time and money you can save in collecting the data you need to create the most powerful marketing campaign.

You will be able to enjoy:

  • Better communication with prospects and customers
  • Reduced waste and inefficiency in your marketing strategy
  • Greater lead conversion
  • Maximized campaign ROI

Using Mobile Device IDs to Reach Your Target Audience

To get the most out of mobile device IDs, you need to use specific mobile ID targeting. But how does mobile ID targeting work?

Think of mobile device IDs as the fingerprints of mobile phones and other mobile devices. No two identifiers are the same across all internet-based devices. You may have heard these IDs referred to in Apple speak as the Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) or, in the Android iteration, Google Advertising IDs (AAID).

Using our device ID tracking solutions, you can directly target customers that are most likely to have an interest in your product or service – and provide a consistent message along the way. Every cent you spend on mobile marketing is more likely to return an impressive ROI.

The Data Group helps you gain access to the mobile device IDs that will be of use to you. By using our advanced device ID appending, you can boost your conversion rate and hone your marketing strategy to make the most of your leads.

We can help you use mobile ID tracking to harness innovative mobile marketing technology, ensuring that your efforts remain in the best interests of both your customers and your business goals.

We focus on accessing and checking the necessary data so you can focus on how to put this vital information to work. Talk to us today about how you can boost your mobile marketing strategy for minimal hassle and maximum rewards.