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Save Time While Boosting Efficiency

Enhance and update your existing database(s) by adding missing or new information to your records with The Data Group’s premium data append services. Save time and resources while boosting efficiency and customer engagement – all while staying compliant with current privacy regulations. With data append services, you can:

Engage in more targeted marketing

With the more complete information gained through data append services, you can personalize your campaigns for increased engagement and conversions.

Enjoy better-informed decision-making

Leverage the power of accurate data to make strategic business choices, leading to a higher ROI.

Experience higher customer retention

With the resulting data enhancement, you can build stronger customer relationships and engage in more relevant communication.

What Is Data Appending and How Does it Work?

Data appending is the process of enhancing existing data by adding additional information from external sources. It involves matching and merging datasets using common identifiers. This helps to enrich the data with new attributes, such as demographics, contact details, or purchasing behavior, providing a more comprehensive view for analysis and decision-making.

Data appending services allow you to better:

– Expand your marketing channels
– Properly segment your contacts list
– More effectively engage with your contacts through targeted marketing
– Tailor your marketing, emails, and follow-up campaigns to meet their needs

In these ways, data append services can help both large and small businesses make accurate and practical sales decisions quickly and effectively.

Without these tools at your disposal, however, you could easily be flying blind, wasting time and energy on marketing efforts that just don’t land like they should.

What good is a name in your contact list if you don’t know how to leverage communication to convert that name into a sale? With data append services, you’ll never have to find out.

Overcome Incomplete or Outdated Data

Incomplete or outdated data might as well be no data at all.

Fortunately, data append services can fill in the gaps in both your current customer and your prospective customer lists. The more accurate and up-to-date your customer data, the better you’re able to know who you’re talking to and therefore make the most of each contact.

Batch Skip Tracing
Data Append

Enjoy Seamless Data Integration

With The Data Group’s data append services, you’ll never have to worry about integration speedbumps. We provide superior real-time batch processing with an API that integrates effortlessly into existing systems.

Throughout the entire process, we stay on call to offer continual support that will ensure a quick and seamless transition.

If you’re skeptical, we’ll even send you a free API key to try it out. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love our service. We let you try it before you buy it!

Tailor Your Marketing Efforts

The best marketing efforts are personalized. With data append services, understanding and reaching your audience has never been simpler.

Like our batch skip tracing services, our data append services remove the mystery around who precisely is in your database, making it easy for you to figure out how to best leverage your contact list for the highest ROI.

When you better understand exactly who you’re talking to, you can tailor your marketing efforts to meet your customers exactly where they are.

Batch Skip Tracing
Batch Skip Tracing

Stay Compliant

As important as it is for you to gather the information needed to fill in the gaps in your current customer data, it’s equally important to stay compliant with all current regulations while doing so.

We understand your concerns about privacy and compliance. That’s why all our data append services follow all legal and ethical requirements. Our procedures stay compliant with current privacy laws, making sure you get all the information you’re legally allowed to have while still protecting customers’ privacy.


Data appending is a process of filling in the missing gaps in your data so that you can more effectively communicate with your current client base and effectively reach out to prospective clients.

A data append service can fill in the gaps in your customer profiles, including cell phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and demographic information.

We receive millions of updates daily ensuring you always have access to the freshest data on the market

The more accurate information you have about the contacts in your email list, the easier it will be for you to tailor your marketing services for maximum impact and the highest ROI on your campaigns.

Data appending is a quick process. In most cases, we can turn your request around within 24 hours.