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Data Onboarding & IP Targeting Solution

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Take your onboarding to the next level and dramatically increase consumer reach and
real-time personalization all while staying privacy compliant

Data is evolving and with the rapidly growing use of anonymized data, marketers need the right tools to help them stay ahead of the competition. Our Digital Device Graph can help you not only reach more existing customers than your competitors but can easily help you reach new ones – at scale! 

We offer solutions that can dramatically boost the success of your omni-channel outreach campaigns all while protecting PII data and staying privacy compliant. 

Our Digital Device Graph consists of: 

  • Over 500 million Mobile Ad ID’s 
  • 4.1 billion current & historical MAID/Hashed Pairs
  • Up to 10 Digital Identifiers per consumer  
  • 1 billion privacy-compliant emails 
  • Tens of millions of daily updates 

Data Onboarding

Your ROI goes up dramatically when you can reach more consumers on more devices than your competition. Have you already on boarded your 1st party data to a platform but wish you could reach more of your list? Simply use our pay-per-match 2nd pass data onboarding to greatly increase overall match rates – by as much as 50%!  How can we do this? Simply by having more data than any other provider. We integrate with dozens of nationwide and specialty data sets.  We constantly analyze new data sources and only take in the good data and leave the bad data behind. The result is a best-of-breed digital device graph that is second to none. We append on average up to 10 IP addresses, mobile device id’s and hashed emails to your file. We can also append cell phone and/or landlines for platforms that use these identity markers to onboard. Having multiple device id’s per consumer in your database not only allows you to reach more individuals but also helps you make sense of fragmented anonymous data in your CRM. Now you can start easily tying back multiple IP’s, Mobile Ad ID’s and hashed emails and link them back to the same consumer record.  This greatly reduces wasteful ad spending and streamlines your customer’s buying journey.

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Consumer Reach

We can greatly expand consumer reach by appending multiple new digital device ID’s back to records in your database. The average consumer has 7 connected devices and spends on average 4.5 hours per day online – take your omni-channel marketing to the next level and what sales skyrocket.

When you can reach more consumers on more devices you win!  Easily run with the big dogs and re-target like the biggest brands are.

Take a look at our 2 most popular offerings:

  • IP Targeting

Take your targeted marketing to the next level by not only reaching consumers directly on their devices but also their location. This is the perfect solution for hyper local outreach for businesses and organziations. If you are looking to serve ads on devices within certain geographic locations or radiuses IP Targeting is the perfect solution. How does it work? There are 2 main offerings of IP Targeting. The first is usingfirst-party data to add up to 10 IP addresses allowing you to reach those consumers arlready in your target area on more devices. The 2nd option allows you to target prospects just like you would on a mailing list selecting by geopgraphy and wealth of other demographic information and receive IP’s that match your selection. The main difference is in order to stay privacy compliant you do not receive any PII back for prospect lists so the data remains anonymous.

Personalize offers to Anonymous Users

Too often, campaigns obtain fragmented consumer data that does not contain PII data soyou are left guessing at how to personalize offers back to those individuals. You may only have a mobile device ID or IP address collected when a person accepts cookies on a campaign site. Or maybe a potential customer only provides partial data such as an email address. Now you can easily match that data back to our consumer file to obtain a full profile of these individuals and receive a wealth of demographic, lifestyle and purchasing data to re-target – all while staying privacy compliant. Easily personalize offers back to consumers on the fly and get a huge boost to re-targeting efforts.

Target Look alike audiences

Looking to target larger groups of prospects on their devices but have exhausted internal databases? We can help you do that. Just like with other lists, you can target groups of consumers with shared demographics and target them via devices and IP addresses, all without receiving any PII and staying compliant. We can even apply custom models you have created ensuring you are always targeting your best prospects.