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Boost the accuracy and reliability of your applications, platforms, and systems by integrating Phone Validator functionality

Input any 10-digit US-based phone number, and our phone validator API will check its format, determine whether it’s a real or fake number, provide the carrier and line type, and establish if the number has recently been ported.

Phone Validator Example Request

{  "phone":  "555-555-5555"  }

Phone Validator Example Response

    "phone": "5555555555",
    "valid": true
    "international_format": "+15555555555",
    "country_name": "United States of America",
    "country_code": "US",
    "country_prefix": "+1",
    "registered_location": "Orlando, FL",
    "carrier": "T-Mobile USA",
    "line_type": "Mobile",


per lookup

The Data Group stands tall with the commitment to provide the most cost-effective rates in the industry at $0.02 per lookup while ensuring no compromise on the quality of data. Besides our competitive pricing, we also boast an impressive match rate of 55%, leading the field.

Experience Excellence in Data Management, Security, and User Engagement

Improved Data Quality

Say goodbye to bad or outdated customer info forever. Our phone validator API meticulously checks and verifies the accuracy of phone numbers in real-time or within your database, flagging inconsistencies and identifying bad data before it enters your system.

Fraud Prevention

Our phone validator API detects and flags inaccurate data, giving you the power to block fraudulent registration, transaction, or identity attempts. This extra layer of security also validates phone numbers in real time, making sure you never miss a beat.

Phone Validator API
Phone Validator API

Communication Efficiency

Stop wasting time and resources trying to connect with incorrect or unreachable numbers. Our phone validator API ensures your efforts are going toward active phone numbers by identifying fake and/or invalid numbers within your data.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Get accurate data on your customers and personalize your interactions with them based on the type of phone number, like mobile or landline – which can be discovered through our phone validator API. 

Why The Data Group

Nation's Largest Telephone File

Over 500,000,000 updated US phone numbers available

Millions of Daily Updates

Our nationwide file is updated every 24 hours to be one of the largest and most accurate in the world

Landline, Cell and VOIP

Discover the type of phone you’re contacting – a landline, cell, or VOIP

Low Pricing

Get access to our low pricing at $0.02 per lookup

Explore Our Services

In addition to our Phone Validator API, we also provide instant batch processing for phone additions and lookups. For those who wish to keep their data onsite, we make our comprehensive telephone file accessible for local installations, which comes with regular updates.

Access our current database of more than 500 million phone numbers and effortlessly maintain communication with your customers all year round, even as phone numbers alter or as new ones come into use.

Our advanced algorithms and comprehensive databases enhance your data, converting plain phone numbers into detailed customer profiles, providing you with crucial insights to strategize your next steps.


A phone validator API is a service that enables developers to programmatically validate and verify phone numbers. It checks the format, existence, and active status of phone numbers, ensuring accurate and reliable communication with users.

A phone validator API plays a crucial role in reducing fraudulent activities by verifying the legitimacy of phone numbers. It ensures that the provided numbers are valid, active, and properly formatted, helping to prevent fraudsters from using fake or suspicious numbers for their harmful motives.

Integrating a phone validator API into your customer management system offers several key benefits. It ensures accurate customer data, reduces errors during data entry, enhances communication reliability, improves customer experience, and helps prevent fraudulent or invalid phone numbers from entering your system.