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The Data Group offers comprehensive verified voter email lists and databases for download. Enhance your political marketing campaign today!

During political campaigns and ahead of elections, data is incredibly important. Getting lists full of information about voters can help devise strategies and achieve success. In particular, having voter and donor email addresses can give your campaign the edge by getting your message out quickly to those that are key to your campaigns success.

But how do you go about getting the necessary email data or information for your strategy? That’s where The Data Group comes in. We pride ourselves on our high quality data lists that are verified and updated regularly.

Voter Email Lists and Databases

Email marketing is becoming one of the best tools that candidates and their teams have ahead of elections. Email is one of the single best ways to quickly and easily reach an incredibly large audience. Having a large digital list of registered voters can give candidates a huge leg up on their competition.

However, building up your own email list (or completing your own voter email appending) can be a cumbersome and difficult process. Instead, take advantage of the true power of voter email lists by working with us. Our Nationwide opt-in email database is not only accurate, but is also completely verified (in real-time) to ensure you can reach more voters than your competition.. We have up to 10 emails per voter, including MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 hash emails as well.

Our database of voter lists also contains other valuable information such as age, party affiliation, voter registration date, vote history, key issues ( and where voters stand) plus dozens of other key voting demographics. All of this, along with email addresses, will allow you to customize and tailor  your message based on what matters most to individual voters.

It is this micro targeting based on voting history, key issues and new voter data, that can often yield the best results. Simply having a list of voters won’t do you any good unless you have ways to reach out to those voters.

Research and Political Marketing

The way politicians reach out to their voters or the public has changed. While telephone and mail are still used, email has taken over and is one of the most trusted and consistent ways to reach your audience. Using our email lists can gain you access to thousands of verified and accurate emails in seconds.These voter lists can also be incredibly important for research and political marketing. We are continuously getting new and updated data from county boards of elections from across the USA. Whatever you’d like more information on, or whomever you would like to reach with your email campaign, we can help get you set up.

Targeted Data for the Audience you Need

By working with The Data Group, you can rest assured that you will have access to all the data you need to target the right people with your email marketing efforts. Whether you are interested in reaching voters who are new to the area or have recently switched parties our data and voter email lists can help you out.If you just use a generic email list, or one that is outdated and inaccurate, you are unlikely to reach those you need or want. Our lists will help you target your perfect voter using updated and accurate data. This will save you a lot of time, which is an incredibly valuable resource during a political campaign.And if your data needs change over time, we can help. We have a plentiful amount of different data to help you out, no matter what goals you have. Information on vote history, views on key issues and more can all be discovered within our voter file. So whichever type of individual or group you want to target with your email messages and correspondence, our databases will have you covered.

Political Email Databases

Political email databases, as we have mentioned, are essentially required during modern-day elections. If you are not using them to accumulate relevant and helpful data, you are likely falling behind your competition. However, just using data isn’t enough; you also need to use the right databases.These databases need to be consistently updated and verified, but unfortunately, many out there are not. Here at The Data Group, though, we have numerous inherent benefits that come along with our voter email lists and databases. We check our voter records, phone numbers, addresses and emails to ensure they match based on information gathered from leading organizations. We also make it easy to find out which individuals within your target audience are reachable via email.While voter email lists can help campaigns in a variety of ways, one of their best uses is to drive fundraising. Sending out a simple, honest email with a call to action can be a great way for your candidates to get additional fundraising. It is incredibly cost-effective, and with the right database at your disposal, it can be very fruitful. No matter what kind of political campaign is being run, we are confident our accurate and verified email database will be able to provide real benefits to your research or marketing.

Interested in voter email lists or voter email appending for your next campaign? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Data Group. We are confident that our email database will be able to offer you the accurate information you need. In fact, we are so confident that we want you to try our services for free to see the value and benefits they can provide.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you.

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